The Westside R/C Club is a non-profit organization chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Chapter 1023. We are devoted to promoting, building, and flying Radio Controlled Aircraft. Our Flying Field is located on the north side of Yukon Oklahoma; we serve all of the Greater Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area and surrounding communities.

    The club has five club officers that make up the Board of Directors, consisting of: President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Safety Officer and Field Marshal. The club’s Board of Directors are elected each year in November. The club provides an active training program with designated flight instructors appointed by the safety officer who can help you learn to fly your R/C aircraft.

   The Westside R/C Club requires AMA membership. Our flying site “Hollman Field” is located just 1 mile North of Main Street at 420 W. Wagner Road Yukon, Oklahoma. The site is several acres in size with a generously wide 700’ unobstructed grass runway. The other amenities include a covered shelter, cooking zone, spectator benches, portable restrooms and ample parking areas. For safety reasons only AMA members are allowed in the pit areas, visitors are required to stay in designated areas. The property is locked and each active club member is provided a combination. The Field Marshal coordinates all field maintenance and assigns club members regular field maintenance and mowing as required.

    Our adult club membership dues are $55.00 per year with an initiation fee of $10.00. Family membership for spouses, children under 19 years of age, living at home, and full time students, not necessarily living at home are $15.00 per year. Junior memberships are also available for those under 19 years old for $5.00 per year. Memberships expire each year on December 31st with renewals beginning October 1st of each year. If you fail to renew your club membership before the grace period that ends on January 31st, a $10.00 late fee will be added to your membership fee. All club members are asked in helping maintain our flying field through either field work parties or scheduled mowing sessions.

   Westside R/C  is active in all phases of R/C flying; sport, scale, helicopters, gliders, Big Birds, autogyros, & all manner of experimental craft. We sponsor many events during the year, ranging from Fun-Fly’s, Float Fly’s, Cross-Country flying events, Picnics, Hamburger, Chili Cookouts and Fish Fries There is usually something for every skill level and most any interest. The Club meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. We encourage your attendance and Visitors are always welcome. To become a member of Westside R/C simply fill out a membership application and contact a board member if you have any additional questions.

THANK YOU for joining Westside and we are looking forward to your membership.

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